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SONY X OLED: SONY’s A1E series

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In 2009, SONY took the CES by surprise with the first 11-inch #OLED display, which had a price tag of 3,610 euros! Needless to say that the small display was not a huge commercial success, being way ahead of its time. Eight years later, SONY has resumed its OLED display design activities and must turn to the faceplates developed by its main competitor, LG, which has been capitalizing on the technology for a few years. SONY’s A1E series displays set themselves apart from the competition on numerous levels: coupled with the Triluminos technology, the ultra-powerful X1 Extreme processor offers exceptional video quality, while the Acoustic Surface delivers a rich sound experience in a minimalist design


OLED stands for “Organic Light-Emitting Diode.” The OLED display technology retains the sub-pixel principle used in LED displays, while eliminating the need for a backlight since each sub-pixel produces its own light. The use of organic components provides OLED displays with a level of lightness and flexibility never seen before in the display industry. However, these materials have a shorter life span than those used with more traditional technologies.


SONY’s reputation is well established in the television and cinematographic industry. Nevertheless, the manufacturer’s new A1E series is breaking grounds. The X1™ Extreme processor, considered one of the best in the world, controls more than eight million self-illuminating pixels in a precise and individual manner to bring an exceptional degree of realism to all scenes. This ultra-powerful processor provides the display with a more stable signal, thus achieving significantly higher image quality.

The typical characteristics of the OLED technology are obvious at first glance: true blacks, vivid contrasts, as well as near-perfect viewing angles. When used with HDR content, the contrast offered by OLED displays delivers amazing brightness, vibrant colours, and punchier brightness peaks. The Triluminos technology, unique to SONY, ensures natural colours with delicate nuances thanks to its ability to display a wider range of truly deep and vivid colours.


[Upscaling is a digital process intended to increase the resolution of an image.]

The A1E series stands out because of its image-enhancing capabilities. Thanks to the integration of three new technologies—Object-based HDR remaster, Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR, and Dual database processing—the processor significantly improves the rendering of non-HD content. How is this achieved? It uses processes that analyze and reconstitute incomplete shapes, textures, and details based on HD video content (upscaling). The X1 Extreme processor actually takes image enhancement to a whole new level by individually analyzing low-resolution objects and images using two databases: one dedicated to reducing unwanted noise, and the other to improving image detail. Amazing picture quality is therefore achieved, regardless of the origin of the content.


The surround sound produced by the A1E series has to be heard to be believed. Unlike other TVs, the sound comes from the entire surface of the display. No sound bars are involved; two actuators on a membrane cause the surface of the display to vibrate, thus producing a sound that is perfectly synchronized with the image. The difference is obvious when compared with a conventional television as a surround effect as well as a strong feeling of immersion are achieved. Words actually seem to come out from the mouths of the people on screen. The Acoustic Surface is not exactly a substitute to a home theatre system or a sound bar, but the improvement is substantial when compared to the rest of the market.


Together with the other TV manufacturers, SONY is pressing forward to better integrate technology into people’s lives. A TV should not be a hindrance to interior design, but rather a way complement it. This is what SONY offers with this series: a minimalist approach that focuses on the screen itself. The absence of visible speakers allows SONY to create an incredibly simple design. The bezel is so thin that it seamlessly blends into the environment, leaving most of the TV’s surface available for the bright image. The back of the TV consists of a meticulously crafted and stylish glass finish. The single-slate design offers a much more convincing effect when placed on a piece of furniture than when wall-mounted. A “work of art” effect such as what The Frame offers is not exactly achieved, but the functional and aesthetic simplicity of the design creates a visual experience like no other.


The user interface is based on the Android Mobile TV operating system and offers almost unlimited possibilities. SONY has actually chosen not to use its proprietary system in order to be able to offer current and relevant content. The new Android TV system update will include Google Home features to let users control their TVs through voice commands. Ask the TV how to cut an avocado, and it will automatically search its database for tutorial videos. The interface does not offer the same level of user-friendliness proposed by Samsung TV and LG because of the large number of applications and options, which makes it slightly more difficult to navigate.


The technical capabilities of the TV as well as the minimalist design allow the users to truly enjoy an outstanding image quality. Cinephiles will appreciate the brightness of the HDR rendering made possible thanks to the proven OLED technology coupled with the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies such as Triluminos as well as the X1 Extreme processor. The sound, delivered by the Acoustic Surface membrane, offers a distinctive immersive experience, in addition to allowing for an ultra-thin design. An attractive device with impressive technical capabilities is what the A1E series by SONY has to offer. If you were already fond of the OLED technology because of its true blacks and sharp contrasts, you will particularly appreciate SONY’s new series, which goes a step further to offer vivid contrasts and ultra-realistic image quality.


In :
4K | New | OLED | TV

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